Hello, I am Roy Hardin. As an independent software developer, I help people and companies by planning and developing software applications.
Roy Hardin

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by computers and software. The first advanced applications I developed were for the Commodore C-64. I turned my passion for computers, software development, and the Internet into my profession. A long technological journey has taken me from various operating systems to Apple macOS, iOS, and other Apple operating systems.

What am I working on, developing, and what do I have to offer you?

This Website

To work productively and focused, I use hardware and software (not only) from Apple. I write about that on this website. You can partake in the following ways.

Consulting & Development

Since 1997, I have supported several companies in planning and developing software, especially for servers, browsers, computers, tablets, and smartphones. If you are interested, let me know.


There are several ways to reach me.

The quickest way is to send me a message by e-mail to [email protected]. I like to read from interested people and am happy to receive notifications. However, I reply only occasionally, by no means always, and I regret that I often do not find enough time to respond.

As a client of an ongoing consulting project, you can reach me through the contact channels we agreed upon. These can be, for example, specific e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, or instant messenger channels. I always answer promptly, as long as I am not on vacation.

You can find all official contact details, including address and legal information, in the imprint on this website. Please also note the privacy policy.