IT consulting, requirements engineering, software architecture, design, programming, and DevOps are my services for developing software, applications, apps, and websites. Benefit from expertise and more than 20 years of professional project experience.


Successful planning, development, and implementation of software start with comprehension. My consulting on software projects aims to increase the team's knowledge required for this.

Requirements Engineering

An analysis and documentation of the requirements for a software product to be developed are necessary to effectively and efficiently create valuable software.

Software Architecture

Software architecture refers to planning and defining a software system's basic technical properties, components, and structures and their interaction.


Programming is the process of designing and creating an executable computer program or software.


DevOps aims to shorten the time it takes to develop new stable and high-quality software versions and provide and deliver the latest versions continuously.

Data Modeling

Data modeling means mapping the data objects relevant in a business context using their properties and relationships.

User Experience Design

User experience describes the user's impressions when using software, a website, an app, or an IT system. The design process aims to achieve the best possible user experience.


Ensure that essential technologies and trends find their way into your company more quickly by coaching specialists and developers.